From conception to completion, we partner with local contrators to bring projects to life. THESE POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS ENSURE THAT ALL FUNDS RAISED FOR A new playground, GO TO THE COMMUNITY IN NEED.  NEW PLAYGROUNDS TRANSLATE TO WELL-PAYING JOBS FOR LOCAL WORKERS.

On the right is our Project Manager, Edy Joseph, with students from Felix Box School in Haiti.

Park Izmery in Delmas 33, port-au-prince

Generous donations allowed ICEP to complete a playground at Park Izmery in Delmas 33, a district of Port-Au-Prince. Israel Phillippee, Project Manager, and his crew installed swings, a slide and a climbing element. They also cleared and prepared the grounds for the children’s safety. The total cost of his new playground facility was $3,200, which included playground equipment purchased in Haiti, transportation, site preparation and labor.   

Hot Futbol (see oversees a soccer field and basketball court at this facility. The addition of a playground at Park Izmery will provide hundreds of Haitian children with an opportunity to engage in safe and healthy play. Dave Jones, President of the ICEP Board, will be traveling to Port-Au-Prince to survey this new playground. While there, Dave will also explore potential sites for new playgrounds.

Fund donated to ICEP go directly to the cost of playground construction, which benefits the local economy as well as the mental health and development of the children who use it.





College nerija de mahotiere

ICEP relocated and renovated  a playground at College Nerija de Mahotiere in Carrefour, Haiti. Carrefour is an extremely poor community located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Many families in the area are still in the process of rebuilding homes that were destroyed in the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Our team knows that providing children with safe places to play is critically important to the cognitive development of children; that's why we're working with local contractors in Port-au-Prince to help repair and construct play spaces for the area's children.

The playground at College Nerija de Mahotiere was initially located directly outside of one of the school's classrooms. This setup meant that some students were attempting to learn while others were outside playing, which led to frequent distractions and detracted from many students' educational experiences. Our project is focused on relocating the playground to another area of the school's grounds, eliminating the distraction caused by its close proximity to the classroom. We installed two new pieces of playground equipment in the new location to give students a wider variety of play options. This project required help from two local contractors to complete the playground's construction and installation.  These skilled workers received a fair living wage for their labor so that this playground will have a positive impact on the local economy as well as on the children who use it.

Projects like these are not possible without your support. Below is a note from the school's Pedagogical Director and some images of the completed space:

"Collège Baptiste Nerija de Mahotière thanks ICEP for the donation of the Playground. Our kids enjoy it and use it regularly. I am especially grateful for the playground when I know how important it is for the growth and psychomotor development of children to play. Thanks to the Playground, I am convinced that we will have more children enrolled in school next year. However, we would be very grateful if ICEP helped us to build a basketball court for the oldest".